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David Behringer
The Two Percent

Rock Pile

You saw where the artist Boaz Vaadia keeps his rocks. These are his sculptures! Click the image to see his website.

Sidewalk Drips

A video (and Instagram page) of artist Paul Richard - who drips portraits and sculls on the sidewalks.

Shadow Chalk

Ellis Gallagher’s Instagram page with images of his chalk drawings the SECOND he’s done making them.


A short documentary about hanging sneakers from telephone wires.

Sign Painting

An interview with one of the top sign painters from Colossal Media. (After I saw this video, I recognized him walking into that office across the street)

Tree Tours

Lisa Nett just told you about NYC trees. This is her website and class/tour information. Honestly one of the best tours I’ve taken in New York ever (which is why I invited her to identify some trees on this audio tour). If you have any questions for her, you can ALSO use the contact form at the bottom - I’ll pass it along.

Gallery Tours

I give VIP gallery tours to private groups of 3 or less. Learn about them and me by clicking the image.


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Or watch me on YouTube! If you liked the tour, you’ll like me on YouTube. THIS video is my review of the “art horror” film Velvet Buzzsaw and a terrifying secret that a popular color of paint was made out of dead people. Subscribe for mind-blowing art videos all the time!

I'm happy to answer questions about anything related to the audio tour - art, sidewalks, or trees. What was the name of that bird again? Just ask! Or say hi!