CRASH is a series of one-day-only unauthorized audio tour events.

Located inside a different museum/exhibition every time, and occurring ONE DAY ONLY, ticketed guests receive the audio file and exact meeting location the night before, then show up at a specific time to enter the building 60-seconds apart (to remain completely under cover).  You'll hear secrets that no one else knows along a single perfectly-timed audio walk, without detection from museum staff or other visitors.

Every tour ends at a bar for drinks and new friends.

WARNING:  CRASH is EXTREMELY fast-paced and highly independent - it may require crouching, speed-walking, and jumping over barriers (all legally). It also requires ALL guests to be technology-literate without assistance/supervision from ANYONE along the way.

To apply for the invite list, use the contact page (above), enter your name, e-mail, city of residence (attendees must live in NYC) and write "CRASH" in the comment field.

If you're visiting NYC, or just want the highest-rated private gallery tour in New York City, check out my VIP tours here,  No application required.  I'd love to meet you!


Samples from Previous Events