October 17, 2012

Just Added: Abelardo Morell @ Bonni Benrubi

I (now) really love Abelardo Morell’s new photographs (as a long-time fan of his older work, it took me a little bit to come around, but boy have I come around).  If you’re not familiar with his full body of work, do yourself a favor and spend some time clicking through his website. .  For more fun, check out the YouTube video I made inspired by one of his photographs a couple years ago.  It remains my favorite filming experience to date. 
Morell is famous for his images of rooms transformed into camera obscuras, naturally superimposing a view FROM the room INSIDE the room. No Photoshop. No double exposures. No electrical/mechanical projectors.  He simply tapes off the windows to allow only a tiny pinhole of light to enter, which naturally projects itself up-side-down inside the room. Too dark to see with the naked eye, he uses a modern day camera with a long exposure to capture the event.  For his recent “ground work” he has created a special “tent camera obscura” that projects an outside view onto the ground (again using another camera to record the event).  Not only are these conceptually awesome – a view of a landscape is projected ON the spot you would stand to see it, but they are visually stunning as well – for example, seeing rock formations projected on rock confuses which is which.  The website images are great, but they are much better, brighter and bigger in person.  Check it out.
Abelardo Morell ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ is on view at Bonni Benrubi Gallery (41 E 57th St 13th Fl), through December 22, 2012.  exhibition website