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Tips for Self Exploring:

Gallery Etiquette

Galleries are open Tuesday-Saturday from 10-6

Photography IS allowed 99.9% of the time.  If it is not, it will be clearly posted.  You can always ask if you feel unsure. 

Don’t touch.  I know that seems obvious, but galleries trust you more than museums, so even for the most fragile sculptures, there are not “fences” or “tape on the floor” or “barrier ropes”.  Paintings will usually NOT have protective glass.  So please don’t touch, even if you think no one is looking (they’ll see fingerprints later) – I don’t want them to start putting up barriers.  And if there ARE guards, I generally stay at least 4 feet away from everything so I don’t make them nervous.

Front Desk Staff: 
The person at the front desk will usually ignore you completely.  Don’t worry - this is just standard gallery etiquette and you should not be offended by it.  Just walk straight into the gallery without stopping at the front desk.  In general, I don’t ask the staff any questions unless they ask ME if I have questions. They are generally there to receive appointments and are usually working on something unrelated to the exhibition. So just pretend that they don’t exist UNLESS they say hi to you.  A simple "thank you" as you exit is standard. Some will reply, some won't. Don't be offended.

Front Desk Materials:
You ARE encouraged to look through the printed materials at the front desk. You will find a “list of works” which gives the titles/materials for everything in the show, and a “press release” which is a 1 page statement about the show. You can take the press release home if there are multiple copies.  I usually take the press release and only read it when I get home with a glass of wine.

There are no bathrooms in galleries…. SO: 

21st Street:
High Line Hotel: 180 10th Avenue between 20th & 21st Street
Walk into the lobby and turn left - you’ll see the restroom on your right, about ½ way down the hall. 

26th Street:
Starbucks 525 W 26th St 
It’s a big Starbucks, but it blends in with the neighborhood so well that you won’t see it until you’re directly in front of it. Restrooms are in the back.