Even calling it a tour sells short this extremely impressive multimedia experience. Complete with props and layered audio recordings, all interspersed with civic trivia and high-speed humor, the whole Audio Hop production feels like an well-executed piece of dynamic performance art...
— Kurt, WebUrbanist

Audio Hop:  Nothing Else Like It

For groups of 7-10 people at time, Audio Hop is a high-tech experience that puts an expert in your ear, gives you freedom to wander, and never looks like a tour.

Part private tour, part audio tour, this unique experience of the art world uses wireless transmitters to give groups of 7-10 freedom to spread out with an expert (and the artists themselves!) in their ears.


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Audio Hop Basics

  • Groups of 7-10
  • 90 minutes
  • arrange via e-mail
  • $95 per person with 5 person minimum
  • For larger groups, please e-mail me for options and variations.

To request/reserve, use the CONTACT button above to send me available date range, group size estimate, and any questions.  I'll reply ASAP (by this evening).